Burgambel Oak

Excellent Acorn Production on a Small Tree

One of the best selections for acorn production burgambel begins producing acorns at a young age when the trees are only 3-6 feet tall. The acorns ripen early in the season starting in September. Medium growth rate, Burgambel averages 1-2 ft. per year. The acorns usually have very low tannin content, making them almost edible right from the tree. Burgambel develops a compact, rather bushy crown to 40 ft. Trees have various shapes and sizes. Some round, others upright. Best in dry, sandy well-drained sites.

ECOS BURGAMBEL OAK - Fruits Early From Seed-Highly Productive. Developed by using hand pollination from the sweetest (bland) and most productive selections by Miguel Marquez. Ecos are seedlings grown from five different trees that began producing when only 4 ft. tall. This strain is similar to what may have been found in the western part of the bur oaks range. If you are anxious about getting acorns now from an oak tree then burgambel seedlings is the quick path to enlightenment. Trees will fruit in 3-6 years from seedling. Small 1/2-1 inch acorns produced in clusters all along the branches. Growth rate is slow to medium averaging 12-18 inches per year. Trees are open crowned and straight with small side branches up and down the main trunk.

WESTERN BURGAMBEL OAK: Selected from the Cottam Hybrid Grove in Salt Lake City, Utah developed by the late Dr. Eugene Cottam. Large acorns produced in abundance on large single trunk trees. Made up of a variety of different crosses most of which are the western strains. One the first hybridizers to realize the value of oak selections as an opportunity to the forestry and horticultural industry.

Pot, 4-12" ECOSBUGA-E_4-12" $7.75
Pot, 1-2'BUGA_1-2 $9.75
25 plants in pots, 4-12" ($3.25)BUGA-E_4-12"-25 $81.25
Scientific Name Quercus macrocarpa x gambelli Ecos
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