Siberian Apricot

Dwarf Apricot- 8 ft. tall Garden-Landscape

Earliest flowering apricot at our farm. The first flowering tree to bring in spring. The buds are bright pink in color produced in dense clusters all along the branches. The fruit is bitter- barely edible but the kernels have been used for extracting oil and to a certain extant for cooking. This primitive apricot may have been the progenitor of all apricots and would be useful if edible oil could be developed from it. The taste is like almond oil. The seeds drop out when the husk splits just like almonds.

Pot, 6-12"SIAP_6-12 $6.75
Pot, 12-18"SIAP_12-18 $8.75
Pot, 18-24"SIAP_18-24 $10.75
Scientific Name Prunus sibirica
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